The Ultimate GCC Plant Engineering Calculation Guide
(This document is applicable only for South Africa, and no responsibility is assumed for other countries)

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Finally it is possible to buy an affordable study pack to prepare for the Government Certificate of Competency (GCC) at your own pace.

The Government Certificate of Competency (GCC) plant engineering examination consists of three parts:

  •  Safety theory
  •  Engineering theory
  •  Calculation

The qualifications and experiential learning leading up to acceptance is supposed to empower the student for these sections. The harsh reality is that most engineers only do calculations limited to some niche area. By the time that the prospective candidate wants to enroll for the "ticket" he or she needs a refresher course. However, many prospective candidates are already involved in some level of management, with the associated time constraints.

Many hopefuls also find themselves in remote areas, with no access to some of the excellent courses that are being presented countrywide. Although it is highly recommended that students attend one of these preparation courses the realities indicated above make this impossible for many students. Furthermore, only 3 or 4 students per year pass the plant engineering exam on their first attempt (in the whole of South Africa). The other candidates have been searching for many years for a study pack that can assist them in their "second" attempt.

This affordable study pack, designed to help you prepare at your own pace, was compiled over a number of years with the assistance of many people - successful GCC students, engineering professionals and even a former GCC examiner all contributed to make this the best set of calculation documents available on the open market. The set consists of multiple booklets (19 in total).
  • The study pack takes the form of the traditional question-and-answer approach . Each chapter starts with the most basic concepts and carries on to fully applied exam type questions. The set consists of almost 450 questions with answers

  • There is also an additional 65 page formula booklet (Click for sample). Virtually all formulae that may be needed by a GCC candidate, or even a practicing engineer, are supplied here. Various sections that have similar, but different formulae, lead to major confusion. These typical anomalies are pointed out and clarified. It also includes some rule-of-thumb values that the exam questions, with the need to "make reasonable assumptions" often required, eg. the typical velocities and efficiencies of slurry systems
An additional study pack is now also available for the LAW exam, both for Factories and Mines. This extra pack is available separately from the Plant Calculation Pack.
Feedback from Israel T, in Gauteng: -"I wish I had purchased the study material early, it’s the best material compared to all materials I have......I have already recommended & referred my colleagues & study partners to contact you to order and purchase their pack."
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The author offers no guarantee for the actual passing of the Government Certificate of Competency (GCC) plant engineering - the information given here, and in the text, are meant to prepare the candidate for examination. This document is applicable only for South Africa, and no responsibility is assumed for other countries
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